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Hello? Anybody home?

I know that’s what a lot of you have been wondering. Yes we’re home. Just out of the zone. Life can do that at times. I know you ALL can relate. It comes to us all at some point in time. Well this is Birdiefeathers. Just wanted to pop in to say hi & to let y’all know we are on the mend & fixin to come back & start posting again. Don’t ask what b’cos I have a feeling things are going to be a bit different. It’s all good. We ❤ & miss you. Stand by but don’t hold your breath. Wouldn’t want you to turn blue. We will be posting off & on until we’re totally on again. Thank you.


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Pressure Cooker Chuck Roast

Chuck Roast

Use a pressure cooker much? I love it when I open the fridge and look inside. Hmmmmmm…..what to cook for supper. Oh my…there’s a nice thick chuck roast. It’s almost 4 o’clock. No problem. Cut into a few large pieces. Brown in pressure cooker & add your favorite spices & herbs and cook according to the directions for the particular pressure cooker you have. I usually only put in garlic and parsley so I can divide the meat up in portions to freeze. Handy for making beef enchiladas & other dishes at a later date where you’d want to add the spices appropriate for that dish.

In no time at all you have a succulent roast ready to go with any side dish.

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Green Chile Chicken

1 Boneless chicken breast
1 small can diced Anaheim green chiles or
whole green chiles so you can remove seeds
White Queso cheese
Panko bread crumbs
Tiny bit of powdered cumin (optional)

Cube chicken and spread out in small casserole dish. Lightly sprinkle a bit of cumin sparingly. Spread chiles over chicken, then cheese then cover with panko.
I only added a tiny sprinkle of seasoning salt since cheese is salty.

I baked in toaster oven for about 30 minutes on about 325-350 degrees
until golden brown .

Serve over your favorite pasta or rice. This stuff is so good! Great
with corn chips too.

I tried to get a close up but you can hardly see the ingredients for all the cheese.

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Bok Choy Chicken Soup


About 1 Tbls dark sesame oil or more (very strong so be careful)
2 large boneless chicken breasts (cubed)
1 small to medium onion (cut)
Several cloves of garlic (chopped)
Fresh ginger grated (about 1 Tbl)
Red pepper (a few dashes)
Very large head of bok choy (cut)
Small bag of baby carrots
3-4 ribs of celery (cut)
Homemade condensed chicken stock at least 1 cup
Five Spice (a few dashes)

In large soup pot pour in sesame oil. Add chicken and saute lightly in oil. Add chicken stock and the rest of ingredients & cover with water. Simmer until veggies are tender.

Warning: this soup will clean you out but it sure is yummy!

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Taco Meat Flavored Nachos

Groundround hamburger
Onion powder or fresh
Garlic fresh or powdered
A lot of oregano
A little basil
Average amount of cumin
Lots of chile powder
Small can tomatoes (optional)
A wee bit of extra virgin olive oil for taste
A generous plop of catsup
A few shakes of Tapatio hot sauce

Brown hamburger and onion if using fresh. Then add remaining ingredients.
Pour in just enough water to not quite cover meat.
Simmer until all water is gone. Somehow this method really sets the flavor.

Serve over chips with your favorite grated cheese, salsa sour cream, lettuce & fresh tomatoes if you don‘t used canned. Mom likes black olives too but I don’t. If you have an avocado to go with this all the better.


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This is the pasta I generally buy…

Barilla Plus Pic

Great for diabetics too. I sure feel better when I eat this brand of pasta vs. just white flour pasta.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/467520-barilla-plus-pasta-diabetes/#ixzz2VGKMlesV
Barilla Plus pasta is a blend of chick peas and lentils with oats, semolina flour, flaxseed and barley. The combination reduces the starch and carbohydrate impact. Barilla Plus also includes egg whites and oat fiber.

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Eggplant & Chicken Casserole

Eggplant Casserole
1 small eggplant
1 Italian sausage
1 chicken breast, boneless
1 very small onion or just part of one
Several halves of different colored peppers, bells or hot
1 small can diced tomatoes (14-16 oz.)
Garlic powder or fresh
Onion powder
Red pepper powder
Balsamic vinegar (up to 1 Tablespoon)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 large cast iron skillet
Medium covered casserole baking dish
Elbow pasta cooked

1. Sautee peppers & onion in a wee bit of olive oil until limp . Remove and set aside.
2. Brown Italian sausage and cubed chicken breast in same pan.
3. In separate bowl pour in tomatoes & cubed eggplant into small cubes. I always buy an eggplant with the dash at the bottom verses the dot. It’s my understanding that these are females and not bitter. Every time I buy one with a dot I regret it.
4. Add onion powder, fresh garlic or powder, oregano, basil, salt, red pepper, balsamic vinegar & olive oil to taste.
5. When chicken & sausage are lightly browned turn off heat. Add eggplant mixture and pepper mixture to pan and mix. Pour into a casserole & cover. Bake on 325 degrees 1 – 1½ hours or until eggplant is no longer white.

Serve over elbows or your favorite pasta. Grated Monterrey Jack cheese is yummy on this dish but it is just as great without it.

Enjoy…this is one of our favorites.